IIDA Product Runway 2013
Nonprofit Organizations
Swope Design Group, DIRTT Environmental Solutions, CG Concepts, and Nanz and Kraft have teamed up to present this year’s Little Mermaid Couture Design modeled by Meg Ferguson.  This design has been created to reflect Ariel’s transformation from mermaid to bride!The inner layer of the piece is a representation of Ariel’s time under the sea.  It is constructed of 4,000 hand cut and hand sewn “scales” emulating the hexagonal shape seen in 2013 design trends.  These scales were created using 3D laminate provided by DIRTT.  Design benefits of 3D laminate are substantial.  These benefits include superior cleanability due to its non-porous material and seamless fabrication, durability suited for projects demanding excellent wear and impact resistance, and a beautiful aesthetic in comparison to standard high pressure laminate.To our team the choice was instantly clear for the outer structure of the skirt; a living, oxygen producing wall to represent Ariel’s transition to land.   This skirt is constructed of DIRTT Breathe Wall slats, pots, and tubing.  The living Breathe skirt is a treasure trove of green design benefits.  Breathe is a wall mounted trough system that introduces beauty, air cleaning attributes, and a kick of extra oxygen (up to 10% more in an interior environment).  Plant pot modules come in different sizes and cantilever into the patented DIRTT support extrusions.  Plants are easily added, moved and removed without disrupting adjacent plants.  The tubes are used as a plumbing system integrated with Breathe.  The self-contained pipes and troughs use gravity to send water through the system providing a lifeline to the plants.   Just like Ariel’s skirt!Given the fun Disney theme this year, our team wanted the accessories to be full of whimsy!  Swope Design Group created a handbag and fascinator using another 2013 design trend; origami.  These two accessories are representative of Ariel’s trusted friends, Flounder and Sebastian.  To insure high design we constructed these two creatures in a monochromatic scheme; another popular trend this year.
The overall construction of this design included the following:
• Weeks of scale cutting by 10 individuals
• Hours of sewing the scales onto elastic strips and then hand sewing the strips to the undergarment while the model stood in one place for 12 hrs.
• Saw cutting the extruded aluminum slats
• Welding the slats into the final pentagonal shape
• YouTube training and construction of origami friends
• Cutting the tubes and feeding blue ribbon (representing water) through the pipes
• Painting the Breathe pots to continue the monochromatic scheme
• Arranging multiple flower and moss species in the pots and securing the pots to the slatsOverall, this experience has been a complete team effort and a total splash!  Thank you for allowing us to be “Part of Your World”!

Team Little Mermaid