Projects & Clients
Law Firms

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Swope Design Group’s law office experience includes the following clients and projects:

Black, Carle, Maze & Wilmes
Boehl, Stopher & Graves
Connelly Kaercher & Stamper
8700 LLC
Frost Brown Todd, LLC
Fultz Maddox Hovious & Dickens PLC
Gardiner, Ewing & Souza
Gwin Steinmetz & Baird PLLC
Hibberd Johnson Kang & Cook PLLC
Interchange Law Offices
Lambertus Interchange Law Offices
Landrum & Shouse
Louisville Bar Association
Lynch, Cox, Gilman & Mahan, P.S.C.
McMasters Keith Inc.
Mulloy & Mulloy
Napier & Napier
Oldfather & Morris
Smith & Helman
Stites & Harbison
Tachau Meek
Waterfront Law, LLC
Weber & Rose, PSC
Weiss, Karp & George
White & Chauvin

*Designer experience prior to employment with Swope Design Group.