“My partners and I tried to set a very high standard for the design of our new law offices, and Swope Design Group not only hit the mark, they blew past it.”
-David Tachau / Tachau Maddox Hovious & Dickens

“[Swope Design Group] was great to work with, and I would recommend them to anyone who needs their design and implementation skills.”
-Joey Bailey / Presbyterian Church (USA)

“Swope designed a very interesting, fan-friendly entryway into Louisville Slugger Field, using displays of baseball history in Louisville. It was exactly what we were looking for.”
-Gary Ulmer / Louisville Slugger Field

“What you’ve done is give the place a personality that says Louisville Slugger; plus, you’ve made it a heck of a lot easier and more fun for folks to find their way around.”
-Bill Williams / Louisville Slugger Museum

“You certainly captured the essence and vibrancy of the exhibit in all that you did. Many people are asking, ‘WHOOO DID THIS?’”
-Gail R. Becker / Louisville Science Center

“Swope did everything we asked of them on this very complex project. Judges, jurors, employees, and visitors—they are all in agreement that this is one splendid facility.”
-David Nicholson / Jefferson County Judicial Center

“Swope Design Group is the only interior designer I know that thinks truly three-dimensionally. Add to that their superb abilities with color, texture, and materials, and you have a truly wonderful result.”
-Joe Argabrite, Argabrite Assoc. Architects / The DeLor Group

“This project never could have happened without the creative input and hands-on management of Swope Design Group.”
-Steven Schultz / Paul Schultz Advertising

“It’s the result of good design, not big spending. We could have spent the same amount of money for a very ordinary office environment.”
-Charles Mattingly / Norton Medical Records

“Swope really got it right. This place is more Napa than Napa.”
-J.D. Rothberg / Napa River Grill

“We personally believe that Napa River Grill is a stunning achievement.”
-Phillip Cooke, Food Services Assoc. Grp. / Napa River Grill

“It’s so kid-friendly, I could hardly get my son to leave.”
-Mary Margaret Calley / Cerebral Palsy KIDS Center

“Since we moved into the amazing new space that Swope designed for us, our patient referrals have increased by 300 percent.”
-Malton Schexneider / Physical Therapy Specialists

“[Swope Design Group has] created an amazingly effective retail environment within a very small, quirky space…on a very limited budget. We’ll definitely want to employ some of its concepts in future stores.”
-Tom Raynor, Fleet Feet Inc. / Fleet Feet Louisville

“We are very pleased with the look and feel of our space and grow to like it more every day.”
-Jeff Bloomfield / AAF-McQuay, Inc.

“Our new Outpatient Services Wing has been very well received by our doctors, nurses, staff, and, most importantly, by the people we serve—our patients and their families.”
-Jerri Quillman / Floyd Memorial Hospital

“We are very, very pleased. This was a tough project. We had a lot of owners, if you will, to please…and [Swope Design Group] came through.”
-Pam Lohman, City of Indianapolis / Circle Centre Mall

“Making beautiful adaptive use of the shell of the historic red-brick Brinly-Hardy ‘train shed,’… Browning’s manages to capture a warm 19th century feeling in an all-new facility. Shiny copper brewing kettles and mash tuns set the tone, rising a full three stories behind glass in full view of the dining area.”
-Robin Garr, The Courier-Journal / Browning’s Brew Pub

“The amazing graphics and colors that Ann Swope and Karen Abney have implemented throughout Farnsley Middle School have contributed to a significant increase in attendance and school pride.”
-Jan Calvert / Farnsley Middle School

“[The Terrace Restaurant] is a beautiful restaurant. Your design and floor plan work perfectly within [Kaden Tower’s] architecture. Frank Lloyd Wright would approve.”
-W. W. Peters, Frank Lloyd Wright Institute / The Terrace