Noel Studio for Academic Creativity
Eastern Kentucky University
Richmond, Kentucky
10,000 S.F.
Completed 2010
The Noel Studio is a unique area within the John Grant Crabbe Library designed to enhance writing, speaking ,and research skills, and to inspire individual and collaborative learning. Included are invention spaces where ideas are born, presentation practice rooms, a presentation suite for delivering and refining oral communication, breakout spaces for spontaneous collaborative group work or creative work, conference space for networking with colleagues on campus and remotely, and a discovery classroom for orientations, guest speakers, conferences, and instruction sessions. Swope Design Group's designers worked with the project architect to provide interior finishes and all furniture specifications. The result is an innovative, fun learning environment that also serves as a powerful attraction to prospective students and their parents.

“Other universities have every reason to be envious of the space we’ve created here, we’re on the cusp of something amazing…” - Dr. Rusty Carpenter, Director

Architecture: Voelker.Blackburn.Niehoff Architects
Contractor: Eubank and Steele Construction Co.