Khalifa University
Khalifa University
Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
40,000 S.F.
Completed 2017
The Architects of Spartica Design Group located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania sought the expertise of Swope Design Group to assist with the design for the Health & Fitness Center at Khalifa University. Research to understand the culture and social norms was conducted during a pre-design phase so that the work may be supportive of both men and women. The facilities for each were created with a similar approach to materials, finishes, and detailing, though are aesthetically distinctive from one another. In addition to the dual fitness spaces for men and women that include weight, aerobic, and climbing spaces, particular attention was given to designing for each gender separately. The men’s facility included gaming and video lounges, martial arts and boxing studios, while the women’s facility included dance, yoga and spinning studios as well as a hair and nail salon and spa.

Architecture: Spartica Design Group