Parking Authority of River City (PARC)
The City of Louisville
Louisville, Kentucky
200,000 S.F. (per garage)
PARC is responsible for the management and operation of public parking garages owned by The City of Louisville. Swope Design Group coordinated the design and implementation of a comprehensive graphic identity and wayfinding program for all PARC facilities to make them easily identified as a part of the citywide PARC system and to improve navigability. The program includes not only garages and lots, but also vehicles, uniforms, and print materials. The new identity is being phased in one garage at a time. In addition to being branded with the new graphic identity signage, PARC garages are color-coded and graphically themed according to location or surrounding culture and architecture. Garage managers throughout the region now consider PARC’s system of public garages a model for user-friendly design.