River House Restaurant and Raw Bar
John Varanese
Louisville, KY
Completed 2017 + Ongoing
John Varanese is a well-traveled, highly regarded executive chef and restaurateur. While traveling over a period of years, he conducted research for his latest restaurant and bar - River House Restaurant and Raw Bar. With his discerning palette for cuisine, critical eye for restaurant interiors, and a childhood dream of creating a river house dining experience, he approached Swope Design Group to design this new restaurant. River House Restaurant and Raw Bar is located in a renovated boat warehouse overlooking the Ohio River. A relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere was achieved by providing diners with multiple views to the water, specially selected lighting and the assembling of materials, finishes and colors that reflect the river and river life. Swope Design Group created distinct dining venues throughout the restaurant to provide intimate and memorable dining opportunities for small and large parties. Patios were designed to extend the dining room to the shoreline and additional large-scale event spaces are planned.